Things to do in NWA When it’s Cold

Whether you are looking to get out of your dorm with your friends this weekend or are searching for a quiet Saturday night activity, Northwest Arkansas has plenty of engaging opportunities for John Brown University students.

Here are ten ideas to help keep you warm in the last weeks of winter:

1. Plan a Movie Night

If you’re looking for a way to stay warm but still escape your dorm room, a movie theatre might be the way to go, or, if you still have not seen some of the award show favorites, most of them are available for purchase or streaming. A couple bags of popcorn, some blankets and access to a TV or large computer is all it takes to create a memorable movie night with friends.

2. Coffee Shop Hopping

If you’re looking to mix up your regular routine, coffee shop hopping can be a great way to find a new favorite hang-out. Choose a few cafes or coffee shops you have never been to before and plan a trip to hit them all in a day. Feel free to rank the shops at the end of the day based on coffee (or tea), atmosphere and the number of hipsters writing screenplays.

3. Thrifting

Shopping for new clothes—while fun—can be unsustainable both for your wallet and the environment. Thrifting can be a fun way to find cozy pieces to layer with your existing wardrobe. Keep an open mind and look for pieces you could easily alter or style. The cold (hopefully) won’t last much longer, but it doesn’t hurt to drop $3 on a cozy sweater or knit top.

4. Book Shopping

There are several cozy bookstores located throughout the NWA area. Finding a good book to indulge in can help break you out of any winter funks. Bonus points if the book takes place somewhere warm and sunny! Pair your new book with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and you have a perfect night planned.

5. Go to Crystal Bridges

Inspiration can be anywhere, but at Crystal Bridges it is everywhere. No matter how many times you have been, you can always find new inspiration. Either go with friends and allow the displays to spark conversation or go alone and take time looking at your favorite pieces.

6. Volunteer

If you are looking for a heartwarming new adventure, find a place to volunteer around campus. You don’t have to go across the world to help others, and there are plenty residents of Siloam Springs that would enjoy a helping hand. Take a few friends to increase your productivity and afterwards enjoy a drink or meal together. Volunteering not only helps the community but can also bring your community of friends closer.

7. Pick Up a New Hobby

Maybe you tried cross stitching when you were ten or loved friendship-bracelet-making when you were twelve. Hobbies are not just for the younger versions of ourselves. Finding a hobby you enjoy can help provide a creative outlet. Plus, you may end up with enough birthday presents for your friends for the next few years. You could also clear your projects from your dorm by selling on Etsy.

8. Baking

Whether you miss homemade goods or you love the science of activating yeast, getting your hands floury and baking can be a therapeutic adventure. Also, every Hallmark movie ever has a scene where love interests bake together, so, if you are looking for a cozy date idea maybe try the Mayfield basement kitchen for your next escapade.

9. Winter Morning Donuts

There can be something magical about waking up before the rest of the world to grab a warm donut and hot coffee. Whether you are looking to adventure alone or bringing them back to surprise your roommate, everyone needs a donut sometimes.

10. Bentonville Momentary         

Last, but certainly not least, the Momentary in Bentonville opened recently and has already created a buzz. Whether or not your major deals with the arts, the Momentary has exhibits for everyone. Go with a friend, go with a date or take yourself on a date there. Just go! The world outside may be gray and cold, but the Momentary is full of enough colors and light to make you forget midterms and winter storms.