A Word of Encouragement

Hi Guys!

My name is Nazaria Bol. I am a sophomore,  Family and Human Services major with an emphasis in Management. I am from Guatemala, a beautiful country in Central America. I came to John Brown University last fall. During the time that I have spent at JBU, I have been learning about how to strengthen and develop my faith and personal growth as a daughter of God.

Maybe most of the time you feel tired and disappointed with yourself because you do not know the right answer to a math problem. This is probably because you cannot see the beauty of being a part of a season that has many challenges. Maybe you received bad news from your internship, job or project. Or maybe the plans that you had for spring and summer got canceled because of COVID-19.

If one of those has been your experience, let me tell you something. IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. I know it is hard to believe and accept. That happened to me. Remember that everything has a purpose. Even though it is hard, painful and complicated, if you put your trust in Jesus, He will be your rock, and no one will be able to knock you over.

 I had a mission trip to Guatemala this spring that got canceled.  I had projects and mission trips with American and Korean brothers and sisters during the summer in Guatemala that got canceled.

My heart was heavy. I was disappointed with God, too, until one night, when I  turned on my cell phone and I decided to have a personal worship night. Just me, Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. I started to sing. No words came to mind. I was just singing and I told Jesus, “I do not have words to express everything that I have carried all this time, but you know me and you know my heart. I will sing and please help me to have words in my mouth that I can use to talk to you. I do want to talk to you because you love my voice and you want to hear it, too.”

So, after that, I decided to watch a testimony on YouTube. The video was about a Pastor whose daughter was killed by his son-in-law with a gun. While he was in the hospital with his daughter who was fighting for her life, he took his daughter’s hand and said, “Hey baby, daddy is here. Everything will be fine.” The daughter was not able to respond but she could hear. After that, he went to the corridor and walked, then God spoke to his heart saying, “I have received her.” After this confirmation, he saw the doctors coming and they told him, “Mister your daughter has passed away.” His heart was broken. At his daughter’s funeral, twenty young people accepted Jesus. Then he saw a purpose but his heart was still broken. When everybody left, he wanted to have some time with his daughter and God. At that time, he just cried, and God spoke to his heart and said, “Hey baby, Daddy is here. Everything will be fine.”

After, watching the video and singing in my dorm, I started to cry, but my heart was not heavy anymore. I spoke to Jesus and I felt that He answered me back, saying, “Hey baby, daddy is here, everything will be fine”. Remember that it doesn’t matter what your situation is, you are not and will never be alone. The battle that you face is faced by Jesus, too. When you think that nobody is with you, He is. You just need a time of worship. Also, it is easy to raise your hands when everything is going great, but the real believers will raise their hands in the happy and hard moments, because they know that the Bible says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).