Chapel speaker salutes King

Although Martin Luther King Jr. was an ordinary man, God used him to do extraordinary things, the speaker reminded his audience. Marcus Carruthers, pastor of The Dwelling Place Church, spoke at John Brown University during a special chapel to honor the civil rights hero on Jan. 16.

Carruthers saluted King for his absolute love for God and his selfless service. He spoke about King’s effort to create unity in a time where there was very little. Carruthers also encouraged his listeners to learn some lessons from King’s example:

1. Each person has a purpose which God has planned
2. God allows even hard things for a reason
3. God fulfills his promises as we persevere

God has gifted each of us with greatness, Carruthers said, and we should be preparing today for the big visions God has planned for us to do in the future.

After chapel, Carruthers sat down to answer some questions about Martin Luther King Day.

Q: Why is Martin Luther King Day important?
A: It’s a constant reminder of the blessings that come from trusting in the Lord. It’s also a reminder of the importance of a united humanity, as in the story of Joshua. King couldn’t have done this alone. God specializes in the simple things. When ordinary people trust in him, He can do extraordinary things through them.

Q: What about the importance of Black History Month?
A: It helps remind us of the contributions African Americans have made to our country. But in my mind, it’s always really about American history. Yes, black history is important, but it’s the united history of our country that is even more important.

Q: How would King respond to today’s culture if he were here?
A: He would probably tell people that we are blessed, but warn us not to be complacent. During his life, King cast a vision for what is yet to come, and would continue to do so. Since society is more equal than it was, he would probably tackle the deficiencies in morality and the waning of ethics in addition to continuing work on equality.

Q: What would King think of having an African-American president?
A: It’s something that everyone in America can be proud of. It especially encourages the African-American young people that it really is possible. We should always remember, though, that it took a whole team of people to give President Obama that opportunity. He is standing on the shoulders of others who have laid the foundation to make it possible. That’s what we can all take from it – a reminder that we need each other and that we need to work together if we want to make a difference in the world.