How Your Phone Can Help You Study

Phones hardly have a reputation enhancing classroom learning. Texting, loud ringtones and Angry Birds have seen to that. But with thousands of apps being created every year, some are more of a help to students than a hindrance. Here are some apps that are worth a college student’s time.

Taking notes in class? Type it out on Evernote. Or better yet, record your idea with audio, video or even a photo. Whatever kind of note you want to take, Evernote can do it. All your notes are then uploaded to your online account where they can never be lost.
Comes in handy: When you finally come up with the idea for that novel you are always writing.

Free Wi-Fi Finder
Internet is the lifeblood of the modern student. It’s how one researches, double checks and communicates. While all of campus is wired, sometimes you need a longer leash to study elsewhere. Find out where all the free hidden internet hotspots are with this app.
Comes in handy: When trying to find that one house without a network password.

Blackboard Mobile
Don’t be chained to your computer to check your syllabus or view the new assignment. Blackboard mobile brings your class’s online postings to your phone.
Comes in handy: When you are at Taco Bell at 2:00 a.m. and not sure if that paper is due tomorrow.

Don’t be surprised in the checkout line. Know how much your trip to Walmart is going to cost before you get in your car. ShopShop lets you make a list of items and will estimate the cost.
Comes in handy: When you are trying to see if that macaroni will push you over your 20-dollar-a-week food budget.

Forget driving to the store and dropping cash on a bundle of flashcards. Create infinite free flashcards with this app and ace the test.
Comes in handy: When you want to cram while hanging out with your friends and look like you are just texting.

Graphing Calculator
Buying a calculator in 2011 is like buying a pocket watch. Your phone can do it. Graph multiple equations on this app and then send them to your teacher for inspection.
Comes in handy: When you want to secretly graph equations while in English.

Genius Scan
Forget copying down reference book quotes, blackboard equations. Genius Scan allows you to scan nearly any surface for text and then it builds a high quality, readable pdf to study from.
Comes in handy: When your professor is erasing the key to an ‘A’ faster than you can write.