Letter to the Editor: Lack of Salsa Dance raises questions

I read Jose Alvarado’s column about the lack of a Salsa dance a few weeks ago, “Spring events lack Salsa spice,” and I had a few things to add.

First off, I also want to ask why aren’t we having a Salsa dance? It just does not make sense to me. The salsa dance has been a beloved event for the last few years, well attended by students from many different cultural backgrounds. Both my freshmen and sophomore years I attended and the event was extremely fun! The venue was packed with students from all years enjoying not only the music and dancing, but also the fellowship with friends, delicious food, and exciting environment.

Both years I helped give the Salsa dance lessons with Gabo Ruiz. For each of the lessons that we offered we had a completely packed room full of students eager to learn to dance. Dance is so important in many cultures, and the fact that we have one less dance to participate in at John Brown is disappointing to say the least. The Salsa dance was something that many students looked forward to year long. It was one of the two dances that JBU offered that all students could attend, enjoy, and participate in. Junior-Senior banquet is a spring event sure, but not all students are invited to attend. This means that there is now only one dancing event where freshmen to senior students are allowed to participate in.

Another important reason why the Salsa dance should not have been taken away is that it strips something from the vibrant Latin community we have on campus. This community is exciting, accepting, and proud of their cultural past-times. To take away an important event from this community affects not only this community but the JBU community as a whole. I believe that the Salsa dance should be reinstated at JBU for so many different reasons, and I know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

I am wondering what are other people thinking about this on campus? I know many friends have talked about it, but I feel like there has been little response from SAC. So, since they’re not speaking about it, or addressing students’ questions about this, I am adding my voice to the discussion because I truly don’t want this issue to be laid to rest without giving it the attention it so rightly deserves.

Glenna Pittman
Family and Human Services