Letter to the editor: Missing Salsa Dance explained

In light of the past two articles concerning an expected Salsa dance here at JBU, SAC has been asked to respond.

Over the past couple years, a Salsa dance was held in February. This event was co-sponsored by JBU Club CIF (Council for International Friendship) and Elevate, a division of SAC. The following are reasons why this dance was not planned this year.

First, both of these organizations have completely new student leaders/directors, with CIF’s leaders being new this spring semester. A change in student leadership can shift how an organization operates, plus this caused a major delay of collaboration between the groups. There was an idea to host a dance in February but before the theme could be decided and collaboration to happen, a major calendar conflict caused the dance to be canceled. During this time SGA was trying to determine a theme for Junior/Senior Banquet. Since neither CIF nor Elevate were able to move forward with a Salsa dance, SGA picked up the theme. We believed this to be a win-win situation and supported SGA in pursuing a Salsa dance (not that they needed our permission).

Dances at JBU can be sponsored by any official JBU club or organization. Although SAC has sponsored many dances and will continue to do so (especially the annual Christmas dance), it is important for the JBU community to know they, too, can sponsor a dance. All dances must fit the criteria described in the student handbook, and the sponsoring organization must submit a dance proposal several weeks prior (the more the better) to the Dance Committee, which is made up of students, faculty and staff. Please see the JBU student handbook for more information on how you can sponsor a dance!

Also we, SAC, invite you, our peers, to contact us with any concerns, comments or suggestions regarding events planned by BLUE, Elevate and Vibe, all divisions of Student Activities. You can find us on Facebook or email us at one of the emails below.

SAC Director Team

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SAC Media Coordinator

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Vibe Director
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Elevate Director
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BLUE Director
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Danielle Keller
Coordinator of
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