Rolling into a healthy lifestyle

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is at the root of the newest businesses in town, one that is bringing a new type of entertainment for residents of Siloam Springs.

Dogwood Junction, better recognized as the business downtown with a bicycle hanging above the door, is a firsthand recreational rental shop that allows customers to rent everything from six-passenger bicycles to 19-feet-high quality kites.

Siloam Springs native, Ben Jones, said the concept for his business sprouted from the vacations him and his wife would take to large cities while celebrating their anniversaries. Though the locations were all different he could not help but noticing that most of them carried a similar idea: renting recreational gear that consisted of multi-passenger bikes and high quality kites.

“We both enjoyed [the idea] and that is when I first became intrigued,” he said.

However, Jones said the idea truly sold him over last year when he attended the local Bridges to Wellness, an event when the city unites to focus on health and wellness.

“I was inspired and thought this would be a great way to [promote healthy living] while bringing a little fun into the city as well,” he said.

Jones, who worked at New Life Ranch at the time, said he began to take action to build his business once his job came to an end. Without wasting any time Jones enrolled at Financial Peace University where he took online financial courses lead by personal money management guru, Dave Ramsey. To this say Jones is proud to say that the classes have helped him to stay debt free.

Dogwood Junction is composed of different types of bicycle models, including the eye-catching surrey bike, a four wheel bike that seats anywhere from four to six people. Jones continues his philosophy of promoting healthy living by giving a free bottle of water with surrey rentals.

Other bikes include night cruisers, bicycles adorned with LED lights that glow in the dark and tandem bikes, more commonly known as a bike for two. Though prices for renting rage from $7.50 to $20.50 an hour, he said the only requirement to rent is having a valid driver’s license.

The shop does not only serve as a rental place but also doubles as a bike repair shop for repairs costing only $30 for the month of April.

His excitement has not only attracted curious local but also the eyes of TLC’s 19 and Counting family, The Duggars. Without giving away too much Jones said the Duggars and the camera crew have agreed to visit the shop sometime in the next couple of weeks.

“The only thing we are working on right now is trying to set up a date for them to come on down,” he said.

There are several project Jones said he is looking forward to this summer including working with the city to get a permit that will allow customers to rent kayaks and use them on Sager Creek.

Jones’ plans do not end there as he talks about the possibility of converting the shop’s basement into a facility for laser tag. He is currently in the process of talking to the landlord to see what actions need to be taken to proceed with the idea.

“It is a cool thing when you give back to the community while bringing some nightlife to the area,” he said.

Dogwood Junction is located on 100 E. University St. beside the Chamber of Commerce. For more information on pricing visit or call 479- 524- 6605.