Sex, religion courses challenge perspectives

As time gets closer and closer to graduation, I begin to look back on the classes I have taken during my time at JBU. Almost all of my classes have taken place in the Art Department and they have been great.

However, like any other senior will tell you, they want to break free from their department and try something new. In my case, I decided to challenge myself by taking Discipleship & Evangelism and Family Sexuality.

DISCLAIMER: These two classes are awesome, so please sign up right away. And I believe it would be beneficial for all students to consider taking these classes.

Discipleship & Evangelism with Jason Lanker is a mind-blowing experience every class period. Lanker asks tough questions about discipleship, the Church, evangelism and the Gospel message.

These questions are not meant to prove one theology is better than another, but proves that all of us need to revaluate how we view the Gospel. In addition, the class requires that we practice the spiritual discipline of silence and solitude, which is ridiculously difficult for any student.

Lastly, the class is challenged with multiple assignments of evangelizing to friends, other students, family members and strangers. This part has been incredibly difficult for me because it forces me out my comfort zone and begin to rely on God’s Spirit to guide me.

This class will stretch your mind, challenge your theology and push you to follow the Spirit’s calling.
Family Sexuality with Nick Ogle is incredibly helpful for all sorts of people. As someone who is engaged, it has been educational and insightful. The class does a great job covering an array of different topics about sexuality.

In addition, the class really explores the topic of differentiation and encourages students to try to understand their own differentiation. Though the content may be difficult to grasp, it does push students to think about the world around them rather than the Christian bubble that they remain in.

Overall the lectures, assignments, readings and projects have made me more aware of the human being that God has created me to be.

Lastly, if JBU is serious about having discussions about sexuality on campus then the university may want to consider making a sexuality class part of the upper division courses.

The point of my column is not meant to oppose the school system currently in place, but rather to challenge students to break out of their majored classes and begin exploring different courses. Whether you decide to take Discipleship & Evangelism and Family Sexuality is your decision.

I am thankful that the Lord has led me to JBU because I can truly say that I am more than just a student with a degree in Digital Media. I am instead a well-rounded student that has a kingdom seeking head, a loving heart and a spirit lead hand.