Goofy Gateways

As the years pass, freshmen Gateway Seminar topics become more creative and outrageous. In response, the Threefold Advocate has created a list of possible subjects for future consideration.

1. The Granola Life: A look at the worldview and practices of environmentally-aware people.

2. The Caf and You: What you will really be eating for the next four years.

3. Walmart: Exploring the inner workings of your wallet’s black hole.

4. Navigating Blackboard: A tutorial for getting your homework in on time (Attention: This is a 3-hour class)

5. Singleness: How to survive without a ring by spring.

6. Relationships: How to get your ring by spring.

7. Accents and Dialects: When to use Thou or You.

8. Dragon Ball: Learning interntional culture through anime.

9. Slack-lining 101.

10. Troll 2: Exploring classic B horror films.

11. Creation, Fall, Redemption: An etymological, theological and historical study of the Evangelical college catchphrase of the 21st

12. Puppy Eyes: How to get out of paying your parking fines.

13. Scan and Skip: How to get your chapel credits without ever showing up.

14. A Year without C.S. Lewis: Exploring other Christian Theologians.

15. Interacting with Engineers and other Introverted majors.