Residence life encourages political involvement

With less than a week until the Nov. 6 election, residence life is continuing to spark a healthy political interest among the student body with this week’s two-day presidential mock election.

Andrew Lehr, resident director of Walker, explained the mock election is the second political event out of a series of three and is sponsored by residence life this month.

Lehr said the idea to begin the political activities started earlier this semester after bringing several resident asistants together and highlighting major issues that should be discussed within a community. One of the semester’s highlighted topics focused on civil and political engagements.

“There is definitely a need to be involved,” suggest Lehr. “Sometimes we think there is a distance from here to D.C., but in the end it really does have an effect on us no matter where we are.”

The mock election is an opportunity for students to voice their opinions as they choose their top contender for president. Regardless of age or residential status, all students are welcome to cast their ballot until the end of today at the table in Walker. Results will be announced during the TP game.

“The election gives all students, including those not eligible to vote, that experience,” Lehr said. “It also serves as a good indication where students stand, as far as electing a president.”

The mock election comes just a week after the last presidential debate watch party, the first event in resident life’s political series.

Frank Niles, associate professor of political science, led a discussion afterwards.

Niles encouraged students to stay politically connected while becoming more involved locally through campaigns and advocacy.

Jessica Boss, assistant resident director in Hutcheson Hall, said the event was a success, and that deep conversations began as the debate ended.

“Not only is it neat to see college students being informed, but also doing it in a mindful and peaceful manner,” she said.

The next political event is on Nov. 7. Residence life staff will gather for a prayer following the election results. The prayer that will be held in the second floor of the Walker lounge. Students will break up into small groups and pray over the president as well as hot topic issues that surround him. Chai lattes will also be served.

“There may be some rough feelings over the outcome, and we shouldn’t divorce our faith from political views,” Lehr explained. “There is a need for Christians in the political realm.”

Students can also discuss and ask questions regarding voting during today’s panel-style chapel about voting based on your faith.