Do you even care?

The fall of 2012 marked a record semester for The Threefold Advocate. And when we say record, we are not talking about readership or number of ‘likes’ on Facebook. Fall of 2012 was a record semester because we received not one single letter to the editor.

Looking back on the articles published, we questioned whether we told the facts and addressed the issues or if we were too nice and too afraid to step on any toes. After several skims through the last 11 issues, we voted against the latter.

Just to give you a refresher, in fall of 2012 we:

• Questioned which side of the hazing line rugby initation stood on
• Called out the student government for calling us ‘debaucherous slanderers’
• Deemed university rules toward off-campus drinking excessive
• Printed various columns & articles debating the best presidential candidate
• Dubbed the student body apathetic when it came to University sports
• Described those participating in No-Shave November as ‘adolescent hobos’
• Criticized SAC’s choice of Christmas dance
• And, said it was about time Benton County became wet.

Just to name a few.

And what did we get in response? Nothing.

So we at The Threefold Advocate were wondering. Do you even care, JBU? Are you reading this right now? Do you agree with the things we are publishing? Do you disagree? Do you have an opinion on anything at all?

These opinion pages are your forum. If you want other students, professors and administration to hear what you think, this is where you should post it. It doesn’t take long and it’s not hard. Just send an email to redfernj@jbu.edu telling us what you have to say. Or, if email’s not your style, go like The Threefold Advocate Facebook page and send us a message. Either way, your opinions are welcome here.