Experience live and experience life

Every year, thousands of performing artists take to the stage with high hopes to fulfill dreams and make magic. From small town church musicals to Broadway shows, there are tons of ways for people to access some type of live performance.

One great thing about live performances is that they are never the same. The actors portray a different attitude and develop their character in different ways each time they perform. Simple gestures such as facial expressions are boundless when portraying a message. It can be different for any actor.

The best part about live performances is the magic that plays out when the story is being told. Just like in a movie there is a thread that runs through the whole experience.

The audience learns the character and deciphers the good from the bad. In a live performance, the audience is up close and personal to the action.

You witness death, life, sorrow and love. You feel more emotion when you see something play out right before your eyes.

The best part of live performances is that the performers can respond to the medium that the audience exhibits. If the audience is live and catches jokes or makes audible expressions as the plot plays, the actors can respond to the reactions of the people and give deeper emotions. They will thrive knowing that magic is being made. This increases the overall quality of the performance.

As a performer myself, I love to hear an audience respond to what is portrayed on stage. It gives me energy.

The overall goal is to tell a story and not be yourself. On stage you are telling a story even if you are not a main character. What you do on stage makes a difference in whether the audience connects or not.

The amount of pressure on every performer is extreme no matter what role you play. Even chorus members in musicals can ruin the show. If you break character, you risk ruining an entire performance.

Performers need to be respected. There is a lot more than memorizing words and getting up on stage. Appreciation for performing arts is not as abundant as it should be.

Nothing is better than seeing a real live person portray a meaningful, deep message in person. Yes, films can invite some connectivity with the actors and actresses, but there is something about being around a person when they exude deep emotions.

Get off campus. Take advantage of the Walton Arts Center’s student tickets. Go watch your fellow classmates in the Pink Panther. Experience live performing arts.