Cafeteria glories

With the new food service provider serving us in the cafeteria, JBU seems to be a bit brighter.

Where people used to complain about mysterious meats and loss of appetite now resides a sense of satisfaction and praise.

People walk through the crowded dining room with adventure in their eyes and a rumble in their tummies to find out what interesting foods the cafeteria has to offer. This year, their interest is hopeful and not out of fear that the carrots from yesterday are now in the spaghetti.

The new provider supplies peaches, tacos, whole strawberries, chili, good proteins, delicious sandwiches and a salad bar with lots of variety.

Don’t forget about the awesome, warmhearted servers!

These are just a few of the simple things that make dining in the cafeteria that much more pleasing.

The atmosphere is so much more alive.

I kind of feel as if the better food has made the JBU community more like a family.

People aren’t sitting around picking at their food. They are eating, laughing and talking about how good it is.

The fellowship is more abundant and positive.

People love eating, and more and more students are going back for seconds.

I know that, when in doubt, if I bring food from the cafeteria to my friends or to a random person, the experience will be much livelier due to the great new tastes.

If I were to change one thing about the cafeteria now, it would be something that I have personally pointed out for years.

All I want is for the fruit in the salad bar to be separated. I am very allergic to melons of all types: watermelon, cantaloupe and honey dew.

Unless it is just an odd day, it seems that the cut fruit always has melon in it.

Despite the fact that the melon slightly complicates my dining desires, I really do notice a better quality of service.

As for the future, as long as we communicate using the almighty napkin-covered comment board, all will flow smoothly, and the cafeteria will remain a peaceful place.

As my grandpa says after every prayer, “good food, good meat, good God, Let’s eat!”