Symposium discusses faith reconciliation

Charles Raith, assistant professor of religion and philosophy, emphasized that Catholics and Protestants both believe in the Gospel.

“The differences lie on how the message is interpreted” Raith said.

Raith spoke Tuesday for the Redeeming Manhood Symposium Series event in J. Alvin Hall. Eric Gingerich, resident director of J. Alvin Hall and the townhouses, set up Redeeming Manhood to increase intellectual dialogue in the residence halls. The events include scholarly discussions lead by University professors about their research or expertise.

Raith, the director of the new Paradosis Center, addressed several big questions and misconceptions that Protestants have about Catholicism.

“This is my unique contribution on campus,” said Raith.

The J. Alvin atrium was packed with students ready to hear the discussion. Raith has two books coming out: “Aquinas and Calvin on Romans: God’s Justification and our Participation” and “Ecumenism: a Guide for the Perplexed.”

Connor Gooderl, a sophomore youth ministry major, liked the idea of professors coming to the dorms to share their research.

“He addressed a lot of the things about Catholicism that I didn’t agree with,” Gooderl said.

In his event, “Catholics and Protestants: Friend or Foe,” Raith said that the Catholics do believe in the gospel, that Catholics do believe that protestants believe the Gospel, the role of the church, mother Mary, the cloud of witnesses, the role of the pope, and the seven sacraments.

While explaining the communion of saints and the cloud of witnesses, Raith compared how Protestants and Catholics communicate with God about their journey.

“As we ask each other to pray for each other, Catholics ask Mary and the saints to pray for them and to participate in their journey as well,” Raith said.

Raith also pointed out the two things that keep Protestants from loving God: standing and stain.

“If students want to hear from a certain professor on campus or have any thoughts on things to discuss in the series let me know,” Gingerich said.

Gingerich extends an open invitation to all JBU students, men and women, to attend Redeeming Manhood events.