Beers to go on sabbatical

Steve Beers, vice president of student development, is taking his first sabbatical.

“This is my 16th year at JBU and my 28th year in Student Development at christian colleges,” said Beers.

For the first week, Beers will be working in Guatemala at a university in Guatemala City.

Beers will also be attending an international conference in Los Angles with a group from JBU for a week in early February.

For two months, Beers will be staying in Seville, Spain where students take the semester in Spain.

While there he will be learning Spanish and working on a book project with his wife, Jane, an associate biology professor.

Beers said he decided to take his sabbatical because he believes writing and professional development are critical to increase one’s impact in their position.

“The last four weeks are still fluid, but I will be working one or two of those weeks at a university in England with my wife Jane, Cary Balzer and his wife Tracy,” said Beers.

During his time away, several people will be working to fill Beers’ shoes.

Andre Broquard, the dean of Students, and Rod Reed, university chaplain, will be taking most of the leadership roles in Beers’ day to day work.

Steve Brankle will be filling in for Beers regarding all of his leadership in the construction area.

“My official duties on-campus restart May 15,” said Beers.

Beers hopes to gain an elementary handle on Spanish, some headway on two writing projects.

He also wants to make new connections to two international universities in Guatemala and England, as well as spending time thinking about how the university can be a better place.