Apartments hold open house to draw upperclassmen

John Brown University’s Residence Life recently hosted an open house in one of the North Slope apartments for sophomores and juniors considering their rooming options for the coming year.

Between 7-8:30 p.m., snacks, drinks and a gift card giveaway table were set up for students who came to tour a downstairs apartment while representative Colleen Cornett was present to answer questions and give informational flyers about apartment living.

This open house, in addition to promotional posters around campus, is an attempt to encourage more seniors to live on campus next year.

As the J.Alvin renovations will be completed, boys have more housing options and townhouses will now be available to girls, though spots are competitive as several of the townhouses are intended for renovations this coming year and are unavailable.

In order to qualify for either the North Slopes or townhouses, academic credit hours are averaged between the roommates applying, and the highest accredited groups are given priority housing options.

Once students have applied for next year’s on-campus housing, Residence Life will evaluate the male to female ratio and establish how many of each will be housed in the townhouses and apartments.

“The dishwashers,” said Cameron Johnson, a transfer sophomore this year living in the duplexes on campus, when asked why he would consider living in the apartments next year.

“Also they’re a great deal with all the utilities included, plus a good location on campus,” he said. The North Slope apartments are one year old and give students the benefit of a full kitchen in each unit, washers and dryers, furniture such as couches, beds and tables, cable and internet, more open-dorm hours and a convenient campus location for approximately $500 per resident a month.

Each student also receives a $100 declining balance meal plan between the cafeteria and campus café. This is an added appeal to those currently living in dorms who are required to pay for meal plans of 12 meals a week minimum in addition to the cost of room and board.

“I think it’s a great place for a junior or senior that doesn’t want to live in dorms, but still be involved on campus. You’re only in college once, so you should try to enjoy the community here!” said senior Rachel Solito, who previously lived two years in the Mayfield residence hall and last year in Walker.

The application process for those interested in the North Slopes begins with the completion of pre-housing registration on EagleNet with the names of requested roommates and registration for fall 2014 classes between March 25 and April 8.

Once a room reservation deposit is made, housing appointment emails will be sent to notify students of their room draw time in Student Development to reserve a room.

Students should bring a reservation deposit receipt and their class schedule to guarantee the best chances of securing an apartment for the coming year.