JBU stuck in the past

A modern university up-to-date on all technological advances.

You will not find this descriptor in any of John Brown University’s promotional material, and a good thing, too, because the University is stuck in the dark ages with brick cell phones and dial-up internet when it comes to technology, especially when it involves money.

There are only four places on campus where students can use their debit or credit card: the business office (usually hurts a bit after using it here), the California Café, the bookstore and Media Lab.

If students want to buy tickets for an event like a concert or donate money for a campus fundraiser like the rugby team’s fundraiser for their tournament in L.A., they better have cash on hand. And who carries cash in the 21st century unless you are a hardcore, true Dave Ramsey follower?

There is always the ATM in Walker, but it is not always in a generous and giving mood.

The only other alternative is to turn away the student and tell them to go online to purchase tickets or donate, which will usually result in one of two things.

One, the student will forget that they wanted to donate some money to the needy children in a far away country who are being neglected.

Or two, they will go online, select their ticket for the next campus event, get to the checkout and realize that it will cost them an extra dollar to buy the ticket online.

This isn’t a problem for students who have a debit or credit card in their parent’s name. Their parents will pay for it, so who cares?

But, for most students, every dollar counts. We are poor. We can’t afford this fee.

I believe that JBU should take note of this fact and make it possible for students to donate money for campus fundraisers and buy tickets for campus events on campus with our debit or credit cards.

Our rugby team played so well this season that they are going to the “Sweet 16” tournament in Los Angeles. Congratulations guys!

JBU students should be supporting them in raising their goal of $20,000 for this event. However, students had better learn to work the ATM first because they can’t use their card to buy the shirts the team is selling, and buying the shirts online isn’t an option.

I don’t think that the JBU finance department realizes how much students want to contribute to club fundraisers and how many more concert tickets would be sold if only students could buy their products, t-shirts, tickets, etc. at a table in Walker.

With our hectic schedules, it is all about convenience. There has got to be a way for JBU to hook these clubs and student organizations up with the Square application for an iPhone or a PayPal account.

Students, let the administrators know that this is something we want. We want to be able to use our debit and credit cards more on campus. We want to support fellow JBUers and their activities in this way financially.