New semester, new smells: The freshly renovated J.Alvin

204 men on campus get to be a part of history; they are the first group of men to live in the newly renovated J. Alvin Brown dormitory. Though the changes may not be fully noticeable from the outside, the J. Alvin renovation has residents as well as other students around campus talking.

Senior Tyler Awe, who lived in J. Alvin pre-renovation, remembers the 93 year-old dorm in a special way.

“All of the renovations make me miss my first home at JBU,” said Awe, who also served as a Resident Assistant in the dorm his sophomore year.

Though J. Alvin is a male-only dorm, the females on campus can share in the enjoyment of the new facility.

Senior Molly Tester thinks the renovation has already left a positive impact on campus.

“I think it’s really cool that we have a building that old and historic on campus that we still use,” Tester said. “They have so many traditions and rituals that have been adapted over the years and I think the renovations and improvements will allow more traditions to be put in place and will allow future students to join in on those, too.”

According to the University website the renovations totaled around $5.5 million after its 15-month-makeover. Thanks to the $3 million lead donation last spring, residents both old and new can now enjoy the new J. Alvin.