Think before you prank: Do not cause expensive damages, injury

You have likely heard about the prank that was pulled prior to spring break. More than one hundred bike seats from across campus were stolen and submerged in the fountain, along with large billows of foam. It would have been a comical and lighthearted start to the break, except that it has inconvenienced many students and staff, permanently ruining some bike seats.

We the Threefold Advocate know that pranks will happen; after all, this is a college campus. We also love a good laugh. However, we should all keep in mind that before pranking, there are a few things to remember and ask ourselves.

First, we urge you not to participate in pranks that will cause monetary harm. In other words, if someone will have to pay for damages caused by your prank, you should probably not do it. Neither the University nor college students living on a tight budget will want to pay for you to get a few laughs. In this most recent incident, some students said their bike seats were ruined and would need to be replaced, which is not cheap.

There are also a few things to keep in mind when pranking our beloved fountain. As President Pollard discussed at last year’s question and answer chapel, there are certain things that should never be done to the fountain. Soap, dye and other things can seriously damage it, ruining pipes and requiring new cement work.

You should also refuse to participate in a prank that could cause injury or humiliation to another person. We the Threefold believe this should go without saying, but we have witnessed a few pranks taken too far. Always ask how you would feel if someone pranked you in the same way.

You should also never prank someone by telling them that someone has died; this is a serious topic, and you may not know if someone you are pranking has recently lost a close friend or relative.

So remember: do not cause injury or damages and always consider how the person being pranked will feel and react. And, if you decide to put something in the fountain, make sure it’s waterproof.