Ms. & Mr. JBU to be announced at banquet

The end of another school year is approaching, and that means that it is once again time to find out who will be Mr. and Ms. JBU. The nominees have been nominated and the voting has ended as of Wednesday, April 14th.

If you missed out on this campaign, there is always next year. Of course, you need to be a “senior graduating in May” in order to be eligible for nomination, said SGA member Carlos Lopez.

The nominees for Mr. JBU are: Karl Anderson, Jedidah Spurgeon, Patton Conroy, Peter Spaulding and Nick Eshnaur.

For Ms. JBU, the candidates are: Cori Hunt, Krista Musiime, Olivia Rollene, Kearsten Hobbs, and Jenna Frank. All of the nominees are seniors and will be graduating in May.

Some, like Anderson, felt excited about the future ahead, worried about the work yet to be done, “but confident, that in it all, God is faithful and in control.”

Although there will be only one winner for both Mr. and Ms. JBU, sportsman-like conduct has been displayed by the nominees.

Krista Musiime, also a senior, was “surprised” to have been nominated, and she realizes that not everyone can win. If she, in the end, does not receive the title of Ms. JBU, she would want her roommate Cori Hunt to win because of her abundance in “awesomeness.”

The winners will be announced on April 25 at the Junior Senior banquet in the Arkansas Air and Military Museum. All juniors and seniors are invited.

Several of the nominees will be there, including Cori Hunt, who said she did “not campaign for the title, but I’m honored to have been nominated.”