Thank you and farewell

I just want to express the depth of my gratitude and appreciation and to thank everyone whose path has crossed mine at John Brown University in the last few years; for the love, acceptance, support and friendship you have all extended to me so unreservedly and generously!

Coming to JBU was nothing but God’s providence and perfect plan for the past almost six years of my life! When I heard about this position and applied, I knew this was the Lord’s calling and He has definitely proved it right.

First, working with such an amazing team: Billy, Mindi and Ron—so Godly, loving and fun, and our togetherness in serving our students at JBU has truly been a glorious blessing and a great gift from God!

I consider myself quite spoiled and loved beyond my dreams by our International, Walton, MK and American students; their hugs, visits, prayers, coffee/lunch and dinner times with me have been joy beyond words and a life-changing experience!

And last but not least, I savor the most precious friendships the Lord has allowed me to make with many staff and faculty members in different departments and the sweetest, most fun and meaningful visits and prayer times with each one that made my time at JBU absolutely priceless!

As the Lord is calling me to Himself for a season to spend an extensive amount of time in His Word, in prayer and intercession, I will be praying for all of you and for JBU. As the world and Satan’s agendas in the world are penetrating the Christian communities in our country, Christian universities like JBU are targets to make compromises and to become more liberal in their agendas to fit in with the new current of spirituality and political correctness.

My prayer is that God’s people at JBU will stay true to the strong and true teaching of the Word of God and continue to walk in the Light of His absolutes and standards and not in the grey areas Satan has been presenting to the world. May the Holy Spirit of the Living God never be quenched at JBU!

Love in Christ with a heart filled with gratitude and praise to our God!

Hugs, Shohreh

Noorbakhsh is the administrative assistant for the international office at JBU. She can be reached at snoorbakhsh@jbu.