Refugee crisis

What’s being done, what needs to be done

The news has been covered with tragic and disturbing images of a boy washed up on the shore of Syria. We cannot ignore the serious issue that European migrants are suffering. It is clear through the heartache, tragedy and increasing number of deaths that change needs to happen in the way we treat migrants.

We The Threefold believe that we need to have more compassion and redemption in the way that we interact with families and refugees affected in this situation. In addition, countries need to communicate and accommodate for the hurting people, but the biggest change that needs to occur is to free them from the oppression of terrorist groups causing migrants to flee their country.

Migrants who flee in the hopes of reaching the Austrian border have now flooded Europe by the thousands. There is an inability to accommodate them in an organized manner, and the border lines are being blurred. From the beginning of this year until now, more than 350,000 migrants were detected at the European Union’s border of Greece and Macedonia.

There have been numerous standoffs between migrants and police while migrants move to refugee camps. There have also been clashes between extremists that have resulted in tragic cases, such as the body of the drowned Syrian boy buried in Kobane.

We The Threefold believe that there should be safe havens for migrants as they are pushed out in response to terrorist groups. People unable to pull themselves out of their current oppression need assistance.

Germany, Italy and France have made an effort to assign the “fair distribution” of refugees throughout the EU, but they are still facing opposition in their decision to take in more migrants.

We The Threefold believe that it is unjust for the migrants in this situation to continue to face opposition. Ultimately all people should have the right to fair distribution.