Consume diverse news: Stay informed through different media

Many students are generally uninformed about world or local news, and frequently find themselves asking questions like, “Wait, what happened? When did that happen?” They are not always able to be aware of what is going on in the outside world. Students often refer to John Brown University as a bubble, because we tend to live and be concerned with our own JBU world.

Students are so caught up with their studies, friendships and campus events that they often forget to look out into the world.

We The Threefold believe that this should change. Students need to be aware of what is going on in the world around them.

To do this, students first need to observe what is going on in the news. They should spend time reading what is occurring on the international and national stage, in addition to learning what is going in in their state and local governments.

However, keeping up with one source of media or one newspaper is not enough. Students need to make sure they are reading and listening to several different sources to develop an unbiased view of significant events and issues. Observing different news channels with different slants will give you a well-rounded view of what is going on in the nation and the world.

We The Threefold understand that students are busy and may not want to watch the news or read articles in their free time. We The Threefold have several solutions for this.

The first is to follow news organizations on Twitter. This way, students will be able to see and conveniently access important headlines when they check their twitter news feed.

The other solution is to have news playing in the background while you study. This will work great for those of you that like background noise during your study time.

Finally, students can keep up with the news and discuss issues and controversies with friends. This will allow the student to get multiple opinions on any given issue while engaging socially.

The Threefold urges students to spend more time watching and reading news to be more informed about what is happening in the world and the affects on their daily lives.