Promote healthy and diverse body images

“It’s pretty clear I ain’t a size two” is a lyric from the song All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. In today’s society, the size and look of a women’s body is a popular topic.

There are people that post pictures on social media that say stuff like “men like meat where dogs like bones.” This implies that the only way to get a man that will treat you right is to be heavier set. Whereas if a women was skinny, she would only attract men that wanted her for her body.

The size or shape of a women’s body should not affect the type of man she attracts. A man should care more about her soul than what she looks like.

I do not think it is right to make songs that promote a certain body type over another. Being overweight, is not the only size a person should be. Women come in all shapes and sizes.

Depending on a woman’s shape, she will carry her weight. Someone with a pear shape figure might hold a majority of their weight in their lower body, whereas a person that is apple shaped may hold most of their weight in the upper part of their body.

Dove started to promote the “True Beauty” campaign. It includes different types of women in the campaign. It have heavier-set women, women of color, and even skinnier women. The goal of the campaign is to show how women look without Photoshop or a ton of makeup.

In contrast, Victoria Secret keeps promoting women as sex objects. The ideal woman is someone that is a size double zero with big boobs. I do not know about you, but that type of woman is rarely seen. They even have a fashion show around this time of the year where the models wear outrageous lingerie outfits to prompt sex and to boost the sales of Victoria’s Secret merchandise.

Porn does this too. Men watch porn and expect women to look and perform in a certain way. This hurts the way that men view women and their sex life. The more porn they watch, the less sex drive they have. Porn promotes the idea that women are just for sex. I saw the coolest shirt on campus and it said “Porn kills love.”

I think it is best for men, women and children to learn that a women looks amazing no matter what her size is. However, this is something hard for younger girls to grasp. They are constantly comparing themselves to the Kardashian’s and to the women they see on TV or on social media.

We need to raise women’s confidence. We need to show them everyday how wonderful they look. We need to lift them up!

It is not up for us to decide what the perfect woman should look like. God made us in his image and that should be enough for us. If we tell someone they are the ideal size or shape, then are we questioning God’s design? We need to focus more on the beauty in her attitude and soul.

P!nk said it best in her song Perfect, “Pretty, pretty, please, don’t you ever, ever feel like you’re less than perfect.”