Swing Society continues tradition

The Swing Society is a John Brown University club dedicated to teaching students how to dance. Their repertoire consists of east coast swing, west coast swing, salsa and line dancing, according to its Facebook page.

Allena Palmer, president of the Swing Society, said that students can expect cookies, music and, of course, swing dancing, when the club meets once a week.

“If people come and get a little oasis away from the endless, relentless, vast land of homework, I think the event did what it was meant to do,” Palmer said.

Zoe Shafer, junior biblical and theological studies major, attends the club’s dances regularly.

“Its just so much fun to dance,” Shafer said. “Especially when you get good enough to do the moves.”

The Swing Society will host its annual Masquerade event in The Simmons Great Hall B at 9 p.m. on March 12. The Society has hosted the Masquerade since its foundation and Palmer wants to continue the tradition.

“[Last year] was a lot of fun; the room was gorgeous and everyone came with such great costumes,” Palmer said.

While this year’s Masquerade will be just as fun as last year’s, Palmer has changed a few things.

“The color palette is also different for this year; I went with a very classy, royal theme with red’s, gold’s and black’s,” Palmer said. “The music playlist will be different as well with some songs you wouldn’t expect to swing to!”

All students are invited, even if they don’t know how to dance.

“Everybody feels awkward at first,” Shafer said. “But you get the hang of it and then you get used to it and then you get to the point where you don’t feel awkward. It’s a lot of fun.”

Palmer’s years of dance experience qualify her to help her fellow students learn.

“I love to dance,” Palmer said. “Dance is just such a freeing experience. It’s like creating art with your body and air, plus it’s an excellent work out. I want people to start respecting and using dance the way it should be respected and used.”

Shafer expressed that she has fun at the dances, and people shouldn’t be nervous.

“There are a lot of people interested but people usually don’t go because they can’t find a dance partner, but odds are there’s someone there who doesn’t have a partner either,” Shafer said. “They shouldn’t be nervous because we all look funny.”

The cost is $1 for admittance. For such a small price, you’ll have the chance to eat cookies, have fun with friends and learn some stellar dance moves.

“I want people to just come and have fun,” Palmer said.