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Dear privileged white friend,

Today you spoke to my heart but not in a positive way.

Ironically, Trump was elected president the same week our college decided to celebrate diversity. Ironically the day I proudly decided to wear my traditional clothes you made me feel so scared of being Mexican.

When you said “You should enjoy your time in the States before we kick you out,” my heart hurt and I felt powerless.

I know I am an immigrant in your country. I know that I do not have a voice in your politics. I am aware that I am a minority and I understand that this is not my home. But, you don’t have the right to make me feel inferior and I will not let you.

I know that you cannot understand the pain that your words have caused. You do not understand the fear my people feel. I hope you never feel rejection in the country you call home. You are privileged by your ancestry, your skin color, and your birth certificate.

Amiga, it hurts me to know that your words carry so much ignorance and hatred. Families cry because they are being separated. Thousands of people are losing everything they have worked hard for.

What you might have jokingly said has become a reality.

The man whom many have voted for to be your president has mocked my roots, my people, and consequently me.

Today more than ever I long for the day that I can return home. I want to breathe the air of Mexico City and soak up its chaos. I want to see my family again and hug my abuelos. I can only imagine the moment I eat some good tacos and when I won’t be mocked for being a Mexican.

You ask me why I’m still in your country? First, I am here legally. I have worked hard to get to where I am. I have a full scholarship at this university and I plan to return to my country when I graduate. Neither you nor anyone else can take away what I have achieved by law.

Today, I only ask that you understand the weight of your words and that “kicking people out” is no joke.

Thank you.

Karla Condado News Editor