Trump disregards Puerto Rico

When hurricane Maria passed over the United States territory of Puerto Rico, tearing through with winds of over 157 mph and leaving over thirty inches of rainfall, it would leave with 10 souls plucked too early from 10 homes. The storm also destroyed the island’s electrical grid, leaving over 80,000 people without power, according to the New York Times: power outages that extend to pump buildings and cell towers—and hospitals. Across the island, citizens who need critical medical treatments such as kidney dialysis are unable to receive them. Not only are these procedures unavailable, but crucial medical supplies such as insulin are in short supply, placing diabetics in extreme danger of injury and even death. It should be noted that these conditions are ongoing. Hurricane Maria made first landfall on Wednesday, Sept. 20, and those in Puerto Rico continue to live without basic needs as clean water and shelter.

Aid from the U.S. mainland came in the span of three days. Upon arrival, details of the destruction laid upon the island begin to make their ways back to news agencies and outlets. Most of the island’s cell towers are not functioning. President Donald Trump, who spent much of the time on the grounds of his private golf club, meets with his cabinet there, not to discuss the dangers facing U.S. citizens in the wake of the storm, but instead to discuss his renewed travel ban, according to the Washington Post. He then travels to Alabama to participate in a political rally.

In the midst of these meetings, the citizens of Puerto Rico struggle to protect their families and find proper medical care. The already damaged infrastructure of Puerto Rico finds another hole in its efforts to function. The economic depression the country already found itself in is exacerbated. In a series of tweets, Trump reminds the people of both Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland that, “Much of the Island was destroyed, with billions of dollars owed to Wall Street and the banks which, sadly, must be dealt with. Food, water and medical are top priorities—and doing well.”

Following the disaster, many of the island’s wealthy and talented individuals will probably leave the country, taking their wealth, experience and voices with them. Our president arrives 13 days later and tosses rolls of paper towels into a crowd. Puerto Rican officials wade through flooded streets to offer what they can to their citizens. Our president compares the loss of life from Maria to that of Katrina, saying that “Every death is a horror, but if you look at a real catastrophe like Katrina, and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died, and you look at what happened here and what is your death count? Sixteen people, versus in the thousands.”

Thirty-six people were robbed from this earth, and the number is growing. Thirty-six children of God for whom He weeps.

We the Threefold Advocate are servants of the risen King, the One who died for every life, who suffered and died for every man, woman and child. If we write, we write in service of Him, and His mission upon our lives, and His mission is to love all those even unto death. We do not mean to imply that we have the answer to aid or advocacy, neither can we criticize the movement of the United States as it moved to help Puerto Rico in its hour of need.

We the Threefold Advocate criticize the selfish comments and actions exhibited by the president in these desperate hours, but we the Threefold Advocate also say that Donald Trump is not the problem. He is not a tumor sucking the moral life from this nation. On the contrary; he too is a child of the Lord, whom He calls to much higher behavior. We the Threefold Advocate rather see Donald Trump as a consequence of a selfish and narcissistic culture. In truth, when the U.S. mocks Donald Trump, and is appalled by his actions, they ignore the rotted timber in its own eyes.

We the Threefold Advocate ask you to always stand for the truth, the full truth. Believe in Puerto Rico, learn and give to and for them. Pray for those who have died, and those families who have lost, and anticipate Christ.