Speak Your Truth

It’s a beautiful moment when someone shares their truth. Whether it’s their mental health journey, how they survived a broken relationship, or revealing a hidden part of their identity, when an individual lives their truth boldly, it causes observers to pause for a moment and reflect. They begin to ask themselves: what parts of my identity are hidden? Where am I hiding the truth of who I am?

Especially in Christian circles, the phrase “speak your truth” often has a negative connotation. Many believe it defines an outward culture, one that does not view the Bible as the definitive source of knowledge. Yet, if “all truth is God’s truth,” and we are all made in God’s image, how does personal experience and identity play into how we understand the world?

Similarly, in the field of journalism, a dividing line appears between an individual’s truth and the objective truth. If everyone has their own version or experience, it doesn’t seem possible for there to be one overarching and unbiased truth that we can source. How can a news organization claim to be sharing real facts if there are a multitude of other organizations spouting off their own version of the story?

We at The Threefold Advocate are truth-seekers. We stand behind unbiased and factual reporting that tells the real story of national and local events, which impact our students, faculty and staff. We have a calling to report the objective truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

So where does an individual’s truth come into play? Does it have a place in the newsroom or the church sanctuary? As Christians, we are called to be witnesses in all areas of life and in all fields of study. We are to be as honest on a classroom exam as we are to be in the courtroom. We are called to tell the truth of what Christ has done for us and to live lives of integrity.

Speaking your truth, in a biblical sense, means living as the individual God has called you to be. It is coming out of the shadows and into His glorious light where you see both your brokenness and how He has made it beautiful. God has given us a truth, His truth, that is uniquely revealed in our personalities, stories and passions. No one else has a testimony like yours.

And for journalists, we rely on your truth and your testimony. Every day we gather stories of individuals and their experiences in order to share how events, whether policies, sickness or new opportunities, have a real and lasting impact. Your individual story makes the news worth telling, because we get to see the world through your eyes.

Merriam-Webster defines truth as being both “the body of real things, events, and facts” and “sincerity in action, character, and utterance.” In a world where truth, whether the facts of an event or personal narratives, abound, don’t be afraid to bring your story into the light. Someone else needs to hear your truth to be inspired by your story. So, speak your truth. We are ready to listen.  

Image courtesy of Melany Rochester