You Asked! New Year, New Roommate!

Dear 2020, I want a do-over or, better yet, to skip you entirely and move on to 2021.

At The Center For Healthy Relationships, we know you want to have a great experience during your time at John Brown University. 2020 is here to stay (only 120 days left!) and a large part of that experience is going to depend on your connections with other people on campus—friends, staff and faculty.  This year has faced many changes with social distancing, masks and new, creative eating arrangements. To top it off, they changed the bookstore and mailroom. Now we’ve got to figure that out too!

Staying connected with others can be a challenge, especially if it’s your first time living away from home. How do you connect with other students and make new friends? How do you maintain healthy relationships with your family back home? How do you talk with professors about classes or about your plans for the future?

We believe that everyone can get connected and have a great experience at JBU, and we’re here to help foster healthy relationships.

askCHR is an opportunity for you to have what we call a “solution-focused conversation” about any relationship questions you have. What is that? Well, our coaches will talk with you about your questions and help you identify possible solutions you can implement. It’s not just a conversation, and we’re not going to tell you what to do. We’ll work with you to help you find your solutions.

Meanwhile, you’ll find us here in The Threefold Advocate, answering questions that You Asked! Like this one:

Does it take time to “click” with your roommate?

Yes. Unless you knew your roommate before you moved in, you are now living in a constrained environment with a complete stranger. For some, the connection is immediate. For others, it takes time and intentional effort.

You and your roommate are two different people, uniquely gifted by God and called to your own paths. It’s okay—even normal—for you not to immediately want to go everywhere together. If the two of you invest in your relationship as roommates, you’ll find out more about each other and hopefully begin to develop a friendship.

During this crazy time of COVID-19, your roommate is the only person you get to hang around without wearing a mask. So, we’d encourage good oral hygiene, too. It’ll help. Learn from our mistakes!


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Graphic courtesy of The Center for Health Relationships