Volleyball falls

The Lady Eagles will face the Oklahoma Baptist Lady Bison on Saturday. Currently, JBU sits at 1-7 in the Sooner Athletic Conference and are at the bottom of the conference.

Oklahoma Baptist is currently at the top of the SAC without any conference losses. OBU’s Kristin Pressley leads the SAC in kills; averaging 4.2 a game while teammate Sabra Clark leads the conference in assists with an average of 10.5 per game.

Gabby Samuels, their top defensive player has a total of 414 digs, an average that is only .2 points bellow the conferences leading defensive player.

The Lady Bison are coming of a decisive 3-0 win against Oklahoma City last weekend.

The Lady Eagles under went two difficult losses this weekend against Wayland Baptist (Texas) and Lubbock Christian (Texas). LCU and WBU are second and third in the conference, respectively.

Against Wayland Baptist, the Lady Eagles barely lost the first and second set though the final set was a definitive victory for WBU.

Lubbock Christian out-blocked JBU and forced the home team to give up 25 errors while only having 16 errors themselves, though the Lady Eagles held their own defensively with 39 total digs to LCU’s 41.

In both games, the Lady Eagles had an exceptionally large number of substitutions, with four players recorded in one position and three recorded in two others. Each of the three freshmen also received playing time as starters this weekend.

The Lady Eagles will face OBU on Saturday in the Bill George Arena at 1 p.m. before facing non-conference rival Lyons College (Ark.) at 6 p.m. later that night.