Fountain future: How to make use of JBU’s latest addition

• Baptism by immersion.
• Skinny-dipping. Let’s face it: J. Alvin is going to try and pull this one off, and soon.
• Food coloring or water dye, such as the green dye they use in the rivers in San Antonio during St. Patrick’s Day.
• Ice-sculptures. As we all know, winter is a long season. There’s lots of potential.
• Water lilies. Floating votive candles. Rubber duckies (consider decorating them with Sharpies to portray various professors around campus). They can all accentuate the fountain.
• Glow sticks. Just make sure they’re un-ruptured, or some chemistry major may throw a fit about there being carcinogens in the water supply because of your prank.
• Boat races.
• Throw change in and wish for better grades. It might even work! Professor Reed said someone already threw in 37 cents in, so you won’t be the first one to try this.
• Messages in bottles.
• Ring by spring. The fountain could be the new best place for marriage proposals on campus.