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World Cup winners visit Northwest Arkansas

Students from the University of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa made a brief stop in Bentonville, Ark., while on a tour of the U.S. These students were not in the U.S. simply for fun; they were here to showcase why they are the current champions of the Students in Free Enterprise […]


Injured students make progress

Gina Oh and Sarah Kim continue to recuperate after being hit by cars in a serious accident Jan. 20. Oh, a sophomore, had been undergoing rehabilitation in Springfield, Mo. On Monday she was moved back to Siloam Springs, said Steve Beers, vice president for student development. Oh’s roommate, senior Casey […]


House-hunting tips

Moving off campus can sound like an appealing option for college students. No more eating off the meal plan, dealing with awkward RAs or abiding by open dorm hours. Nevertheless, students can sometimes run into several obstacles when it comes to getting the keys of their new apartment. Senior Hilary […]


New eatery prepares to come downtown

Visitors to downtown Siloam Springs will have another option for dining later this spring. The new restaurant will take the place of Emelia’s Kitchen, which closed on Jan. 29, at 100 E. University St. Opened over two years ago by George Ouyoumjian and his wife Sara Lusher, Emelia’s offered lunch, […]


Organization promotes campus unity

John Brown University has long accepted students from across the globe. Only recently has JBU set up an organization to specifically address the needs of this widely-varied group. Faculty and students collaborated last semester to create MOSAIC, Multicultural Organization of Students Active in Christ. The group designed MOSAIC to fill […]


It’s almost time for Veggie Tales

Bob the Tomato, Mr. Lunt, Mr. Nezzer and Archibald the Asparagus are visiting the JBU campus next week on Feb., 21. Well, the voice behind them will. Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales and founder of Big Idea Productions, Inc. will speak at chapel for Leadership week. John Brown University’s Leadership […]


Crooners prepare for musical battle

Eight students will face the music as they battle to become the recording industry’s next big thing.

Last year, aspiring musician Kacie Williams stood center stage at the Cathedral with nothing but her guitar during the first year of The Next Big Thing.

On March 10, eight students will stand in the same place crossing their fingers hopeful of the same fate as Williams.


Skating down the new park

As I grew up, skateboarding was one of the most positive things in my life. It helped me bond with my older brother. I learned how to work hard and set goals to progress in my boarding skills. I put down the video games, got active and made memories. Seeing […]


Oodles of ramen noodles

At 22 cents a serving, it’s hard to beat the cheap practicality of ramen noodles. Chicken, beef, shrimp, oriental and even cheese flavored packages line an aisle at the local Walmart. They’re everywhere. But the soup can get monotonous if it’s eaten very frequently—which it definitely is if you are […]