Author: Threefold Advocate


JBU, Let’s Respect Each Other

In light of recent campus tension, it has become increasingly difficult for us to defend our First Amendment rights while also being considerate of other students’ individuality. Furthermore, it is even more challenging to separate the importance of our beliefs from their impact on others. When do we stop voicing […]


A Word of Encouragement

Hi Guys! My name is Nazaria Bol. I am a sophomore,  Family and Human Services major with an emphasis in Management. I am from Guatemala, a beautiful country in Central America. I came to John Brown University last fall. During the time that I have spent at JBU, I have […]


You Asked! Surviving Social-Distancing

You Asked! is the column where the Center for Healthy Relationships (CHR) answers. Please send your questions to or text 479-308-8508. Q: How do I connect with people when we have to wear masks and stand back? What a timely question and a good question too. Aside from fogging […]


Hurricane Laura Ravages Louisiana Communities

As the global pandemic rages on, portions of the United States are battling an all-too-familiar threat: hurricane season. During the early hours of Aug. 27, the storm made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane in southwestern Louisiana, with winds as high as 150 miles per hour. Forbes reporter Nicholas Reimann […]



In the “closed” signs in restaurant windows. In the commercials on TV that tell us “we are all in this together.” In the masked faces of fellow patrons at the grocery store. The COVID-19 virus’ impact is apparent everywhere we turn and has forced us to change how we live […]


Remember the faces behind the screen

What would your mom say if she saw your posts, or your comments, on Instagram? Would she think that your statement was funny? Would she applaud you for standing up for your convictions, or would she be appalled at your anger and hate?  By now, the majority of campus is […]