Author: Threefold Advocate



In the “closed” signs in restaurant windows. In the commercials on TV that tell us “we are all in this together.” In the masked faces of fellow patrons at the grocery store. The COVID-19 virus’ impact is apparent everywhere we turn and has forced us to change how we live […]


Remember the faces behind the screen

What would your mom say if she saw your posts, or your comments, on Instagram? Would she think that your statement was funny? Would she applaud you for standing up for your convictions, or would she be appalled at your anger and hate?  By now, the majority of campus is […]


Speak Your Truth

It’s a beautiful moment when someone shares their truth. Whether it’s their mental health journey, how they survived a broken relationship, or revealing a hidden part of their identity, when an individual lives their truth boldly, it causes observers to pause for a moment and reflect. They begin to ask […]


Looking to find Christ in our churches

When was the last time you were uncomfortable in church? Whether it comes from the many staring eyes or a dominant culture that expects you to act in a certain way, churches are often places of exclusivity.  Do you think Christ would be uncomfortable in your church? As a Jewish […]


Embrace cultures for more than a week

World Awareness Week is one of the best weeks at JBU. From the flag ceremony and the film showings to the food festival and the missions fair, it is beautiful to see all the cultures represented on campus. However, after the celebrations end, it is extremely difficult for international students […]


Billy Graham Dead at 99

Billy Graham, the evangelist who preached worldwide, died on Wednesday in his home at Montreat, NC. The United States and the world remembers him as a man dedicated to preaching the Gospel amid the controversies and social ills of World War II, the civil rights movement and the Watergate scandal. […]


There was death before the Resurrection

When Lawrence Ware came to speak in chapel on Martin Luther King Day, he started his sermon with the message, “We gon’ be alright.” After a year full of mass shootings, riots, rallies and distrust, such a message was difficult to hear. Bitterness has spewed from pulpits, blogs, social media […]