Author: Maria Aguilar


It is Not Your History

“Why should we learn U.S. history when we are from Central America? That makes no sense,” said one of my high school peers during a history class. Although it was a trivial remark made more than two years ago, I still vividly remember questioning the same thing myself. Why should […]


Public Charge Rule to Limit Visa Applications

What would you sacrifice for someone you love? Would you endure physical and sexual violence? Would you leave the comfort of your own home to be exposed to risks such as abduction, exploitation or even death? That is the case for approximately 10.5 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. as […]


Us vs. Them: Is it always the case?

“Don’t worry about discrimination in the States. You can pass off as a white person.” “Are you from Honduras? I am surprised because you look white.” “Don’t fall in love with a Hispanic if you want your kids to look pretty.” Growing up, I was always told that I was […]


Gen Z prone to replacing Bibles with black screens

Kk Khaliq, freshman psychology major at John Brown University, recently returned to the faith after nine years of doubting the Bible and isolating herself from the church. Growing up within a Christian family, Khaliq said the reason why she started doubting God was because the church rejected her brother with […]


College connections program partners with Ability Tree

John Brown University, in partnership with Ability Tree, launched the College Connections program, which invites young adults with significant cognitive disabilities to experience college life. The College Connections program originated after Ability Tree’s founders Joe and Jen Butler reached out to Jacob Stratman, chair of humanities and social sciences at […]


Biblical Studies Division embraces faith communities

Students eager to learn about various perspectives and worldviews found learning opportunities on and off campus through the Division of Biblical Studies. In the Division of Biblical Studies, students can learn about religious diversity inside the classroom. Intro to Hinduism and Buddhism, which the department offers every spring semester, allows […]