Author: Armando Hernandez


Falwell and His Resignation Represent Spiritual Challenges

On Aug. 25, 2020, the Christian community was startled by the unsettling sexual and financial allegations against Liberty University’s former president, Jerry Falwell, Jr. The Associated Press announced on Aug. 31 that Liberty University would launch an investigation into “all facets,” that preceded Falwell’s tenure as president before his resignation. […]


The Racial Silence of White Churches

Across the U.S., protests over police shootings, excessive force or related incidents against Black individuals, like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor or Jason Blake, are amplifying the conversation on racial discrimination. Americans are reflecting on the racial tensions that coexist in the American system and mentality, particularly their place in white […]


Men Address the Impact of Faith on Masculinity

As men examine their identity, they should acknowledge their own definitions of manhood and the societal influences on their self-perception. For Matthew Bell, junior construction management major, being a man is, as he puts it, “at the base, our genetic makeup” but also “to be a strong supporter and to […]