Author: Armando Hernandez


COLUMN: Moving forward as a country

Where do we go from here as a country? This heavy question sits on the minds of many Americans as they embrace the uncertainty of waiting for election results to be finalized. In Aug. 2020, the National Center for Biotechnology Information reported “an all-time high” in U.S. polarization with 90% […]


How the Pandemic Affects Mental Health

On Aug. 14th, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that between June 23-30, “U.S. adults reported considerably elevated adverse mental health conditions associated with COVID-19.” 40.9% of 5,470 participants described “adverse mental or behavioral health condition,” such as anxiety disorder, depressive disorder, trauma-related symptoms, started or increased […]


Before You Watch: Tenet

With theaters reopening these past few weeks, movie-goers finally can scratch that itch of eating popcorn, relaxing and enjoying a film in a theater. Audiences were able to experience ‘The New Mutants”, “Bill & Ted Face the Music”, and “The Broken Hearts Gallery” within the few weeks of theaters opening […]


The Effects of a Third Generation Immigrant in America

The United States was founded by a collection of immigrants who desired freedom, exploration and salvation in newly discovered lands yet to be explored. From the Native Americans who crossed Beringia–the land bridge between Siberia to present-day Alaska 30,000 years ago–to the millions of immigrants throughout Europe, Asia, Africa or […]


A Touristic Journey or Evangelistic Trip?

The line between mission trips and tourism is becoming blurrier. Embarking on a journey to foreign lands inside and outside the country sparks a call of adventure. Unfortunately, most mission trips—particularly, short-term trips—focus on the touristic aspect rather than serving people in the community. Aminta Arrington, associate professor of intercultural […]


Falwell and His Resignation Represent Spiritual Challenges

On Aug. 25, 2020, the Christian community was startled by the unsettling sexual and financial allegations against Liberty University’s former president, Jerry Falwell, Jr. The Associated Press announced on Aug. 31 that Liberty University would launch an investigation into “all facets,” that preceded Falwell’s tenure as president before his resignation. […]