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Outbreak of lung illnesses associated with vaping

The outbreak of lung-related illnesses and fatalities in the United States has drawn national attention to the issue of vaping. As of Nov. 13, there have been 42 confirmed deaths and at least 2,172 people hospitalized for symptoms with supposed vape-related causes across the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control […]


John MacArthur tells me so

“Go home. There is no case that can be made biblically for a woman preacher. Period, paragraph, end of discussion.” These words shook the western Christian world last week. Prominent pastor John MacArthur verbally attacked Beth Moore, speaker and woman’s ministry figurehead. All this took place during a Q&A at […]


Pure lives, pure ignorance: students seek health education

Every parent dreads talking about sex with their kids for the first time, but how many actually do it? According to the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, comprehensive sex education “includes age-appropriate, medically accurate information on a broad set of topics related to sexuality including human […]