All Sons & Daughters returns to University

Several students posted to their Facebook status last night, “If you weren’t at the All Sons & Daughters concert, you missed out.”

Chris Hembree, director of BLUE, reported about 450 people turned out to hear Leslie Jordan and David Leonard, the worship duo from Journey Church in Franklin, Tenn.

“It was a great event, and it benefitted both JBU and the northwest Arkansas community,” Hembree said. “It was cool to see an alumni who is now out in the real world being a professional wanting to come back to JBU and share what they are doing now.”

Though Jordan has been battling sickness for the past several days, she expressed her desire to tough it out for Leonard and his alma mater.

“She’s feeling good enough to get on a plane and fly out here, but she’s not feeling 100 percent,” Leonard said. “But she’s a trooper so she’s going to do it.”

The two performed a mix of original works and contemporary Christian songs, creating more of a worship service than a concert.

“I just really like the atmosphere of it and that it was not like any other concert I’d been to, but that it felt like it was just a worship service with All Sons & Daughters,” said sophomore Kaitlin Grant.

Grant said her favorite song was Called Me Higher because it just “speaks a lot of testament to what the Lord has done in my life and called me to.”

Many students first heard of All Sons & Daughters when they made a chapel appearance back in 2010.

Senior Liana Medina said, “I downloaded their EP then and then their album when it came out, so I’ve been following them ever since.”

Both Leonard and Jordan expressed their gratitude for the University and the sweet temperament they have encountered here.

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without the things that happened here,” Leonard said. “I am very, very thankful for this place.”