Save Mock Rock: Rise up and act

First Mock Rock… then what, the TP Game? Candlelight? Traditions are what create and sustain the JBU community that we all claim to admire so much.

When we The Threefold Advocate heard this beloved event was in danger of extinction, we decided to become the University’s equivalent of Greenpeace, jumping in front of the bulldozers that threaten to destroy Mock Rock.

Don’t let this year be the year that ends this JBU one-of-a-kind. Band together; become part of a pseudo-band lip-syncing to Kelly Clarkson or One Direction.

Everyone has a favorite musical artist. Honor yours with an elaboration rendition of his or her biggest hit. Reggae, Grunge, Golden Oldie, Top 40 hits, show tunes—they are all acceptable.

Over the past few years, students have recreated the infamous moves from Gangnam Style, granola-ed it up to Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas, grooved in the masses to Hanson, whipped their hair like Willow. J. Alvin might have and even conquered some Sound of Music.

If you are scared, get over it. College is the time for you to try new things, make a fool of yourself and get laughed at by a cathedral full of your peers. A little bit of humility and creativity go a long way.

And no, we’re not only laughing at you. We’re laughing with you. Maybe so much that there are tears welling up in our eyes or a little bit of pee in our pants. We need this humorous break, these few hours when we can forget about all the craziness this semester has brought. These are the memories we recall long after the semester has ended, the ones that make us smile.

Mock Rock is a healing balm for an overwhelming month. And yes, this definitely sounds dramatic, but the heart of the matter remains: Mock Rock needs your help.

So go. Go now. Stop reading this editorial and start texting 10 million of your closest friends. Come up with a scheme and commit. Prove to everyone that you are not apathetic and that you love your school enough to risk a little humiliation and a lot of fun.

People, get your acts together. Literally.