JBU student rushes Razorback Stadium

I have grown up going to Razorback games and have a deep love for the Hogs. The past few seasons have been a little rough, but true Razorback fans stick by their team no matter what. This season has not been much different from the past; we beat the little teams, but when it comes time to play in the Southeastern Conference, we just can’t seem to get the job done. Going into the game on Saturday, the Razorbacks were in the middle of a 17 game losing streak and were set to play Louisiana State University—number 17 in the nation. However, this Saturday the Razorbacks broke their losing streak by defeating LSU 17-0. It was below freezing Saturday night as over 70,000 people sat and watched the game, but no one seemed to notice because the Hogs were about to win. The fans were all into the game, and the stadium was full of energy for the first time in many seasons. The fans were so excited about the win that we all rushed the field after the game to celebrate with the players and congratulate them for their accomplishment. Because the fans rushed the field, the University of Arkansas must pay a $25,000 fine due to SEC rules. I don’t think too many Razorback fans care too much about the fine because the losing streak is over, and we can see more victories in the future.