Opportunity for growth

Have you ever wondered what ever happened to growth groups?

If you are unfamiliar with this term, growth groups are groups of underclassmen who are mentored by upperclassmen, typically in a Bible study setting.

Growth groups are sponsored by the Student Ministries and Leadership Team (SMLT) and are designed to help students grow in their relationship with God and each other through a book study.

Growth groups also encourage students to enjoy an activity together. Sometimes growth groups will see movies, play board games, or go hiking together in an effort to bring underclassmen and upperclassmen together.

Senior graphic design major, Madison Gies, said, “When I was a freshman, growth groups were really encouraged. You go to classes and you’re in a growth group. Immediately after your orientation group you were placed in a growth group. It was in addition to your major,  sports, dorms and other social settings.”

“You meet people who you never would have crossed paths with otherwise,” Gies explained. “It was really good to have that community throughout your first semester: a group that was formulated just for your growth.”

“I don’t really know where they are anymore,” Gies said. “I never hear about them, and I think this is unfortunate.”

SMLT is hosting a mixer in the University’s amphitheater on Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 10 p.m. for students who are interested in being a part of or leading a growth group.

Senior SMLT leader, Cesia Melendez, said in an email, “This may be the best decision you make! Don’t miss out the opportunity to impact lives, have fun and learn about God together.”