Author: Megan Koontz


Study abroad travels and costs impacted by Brexit decision

Though there is almost 5,000 miles between the United States and the United Kingdom, the discussion surrounding Brexit and its implications hit close to home for many college students in the United States. According to the National Association of Foreign Student Advisers, “Nationally, the number of U.S. students studying abroad […]


Church denomination bans LGBTQ+ from clergy

Posters covered with words of solidarity hung around the room with rainbow stripes and checkers draped around the necks of many who stood in the atrium of a former football stadium in St. Louis, Miss., at the United Methodist Convention. Leaders of the second largest Protestant Denomination gathered to vote […]


All men and women created equal, so let’s fight

Bell bottom jeans, flower power, “The Brady Bunch,” Lyndon B. Johnson’s great shame, free love and free flowing drugs changed an entire generation and represent the boisterous, explosive 1970s well. Young people were finding their voice, and women were not exempt, learning to use their new found power and boldness […]


Aging with grace: faith during the stages of life

As social media has started to give people a glimpse into the highlight reel of other people’s lives and the fear of missing out has seen a steady increase in millennials and Generation Z, another age group has shown an increase of loneliness in recent years. People ages 65 and […]


Religious diversity increases with new Congress

The 116th Congress includes a record breaking, trend setting group of individuals. In this session of Congress, 131 women now serve, which is more than any other Congress in U.S. history. Additionally, two Muslim women, two Native American women and an agnostic woman are serving, and more individuals in Congress […]


School paper fights for rights amidst censorship

Springdale High School and Har-Ber High School officially split in 2005 because of the rapid growth in the Springdale school district. For over a decade, the two schools have been entrenched in an intense rivalry, especially in their athletic programs. In 2017, when five students in the athletic programs at […]


Virtual reality offers inclusive Christian fellowship

Online churches have been a reality for several years now, and many Christians often wonder if the concept of online churches takes away from the discipline of community. A new phenomenon is on the rise, however, that takes online churches to another level. Virtual reality churches are popping up across […]