Author: Clancie Sorrell


I’m a chronic apologizer

Hi. I’m a self-diagnosed chronic apologizer, but this time I actually mean it. Today, I’m labeling myself a chronic apologizer. My symptoms are apologizing for everything, doubting everything I do and not really knowing what “sorry” means. However, I have an issue that I really need to ask your forgiveness […]


The Final Centennial Celebration

In one of the final events of the Centennial celebration, the Christmas dance brought students to Simmons Great Hall to eat, dance and have a great time. On Friday, Dec. 6, the John Brown University Christmas Centennial Dance followed a meal in the cafeteria. With decorations, a live jazz band […]


Cross Country stars go to NAIA National Tournament

Sophomore Allika Pearson and Junior Ben Martin traveled to Vancouver, Wash., to compete in Cross Country’s NAIA National Tournament on Nov. 22. For two consecutive years, these two athletes have represented John Brown University at the final cross country meet of the season. To qualify for the national tournament, Pearson […]


Art and Instagram inspire aesthetically pleasing Bible

A new creative team from California visualized a Bible printed in more than black and white, with pictures, creative fonts and engaging designs to attract younger readers to the Bible. After attempting to read the Bible when he first converted to Christianity, Brian Chung found a less-than engaging Bible with […]


Thank your farmer today

And on the eighth day, God made a farmer—before the sun came up on the ninth day, the farmer had milked the cows, fed the camels, sheered the sheep, planted the corn, hauled the hay and hoed the garden. Between the first farmers toiling the relentless ground to today’s farmers […]


Bowling and Caudle garner prestigious awards

Instead of spending all of spring break on the beach or in the mountains, the players sprinted up and down the court, preparing for their last games of the season. As other students went to Colorado, Texas and Atlanta, senior John Brown University basketball players finished their decorated careers in […]