Students receive lessons in soccer ‘fanability’

Inflatable, free t-shirts, food, people yelling and singing at the top of their lungs, the chance to win a free truck; no, it is not a carnival or a fair. It is the Sooner Athletic Conference Championship to be played this afternoon between the Golden Eagles and the Oklahoma Baptist Bison.

Today’s game is extremely important for many reasons, as Women’s Soccer Head Coach Scott Marksberry explained last night at “Fan Education Night.” The soccer program held the event in the Walker Student Center to help fans become prepared for the game.

“This may be the last chance our school has to host the SAC Championship,” said Marksberry.

The conference is debating changing from having the upper seeded team host the game to having a set host school host the game.

But more importantly, a win today guarantees JBU a bid to the National Championship Tournament.

Which is why the JBU Soccer program wants to make the most of this opportunity, not just for the players who have worked hard all season, but also for their fans.

“We want this to be an event for the entire campus,” said Men’s Head Coach John Miglarese. “We want to use it to connect with the campus and with the community.”

Tonight Marksberry explained some of the ways fans could help make that connection and support their team, otherwise known as “fanability.”

“Players are genuinely motivated by a strong crowd,” said Marksberry.

Marksberry gave specific and humorous technical advice on how to shout and sing at a soccer game, as well as explaining the importance of making a good flag.

“By the time you have bought the supplies for six signs that are going to get blown away in the wind you could have made a kickin’ flag,” said Marksberry. “That will last for games? No. Seasons? No. Generations!”

While specific songs and chants were provided and taught, Marksberry wanted energy and volume above technique.

One of the most interesting and entertaining songs was designed to help clear up confusion about how to pronounce Miglarese’s last name set to the tune of “We are the Champions”.

“John Miglarese is our coach,
Oh, John Miglarese is our coach
Don’t mispronounce it ‘cause
John Miglarese…….
Is our coach”

Along with a fun, upbeat energy of an intense game and an excited crowd, there will also be free t-shirts for the first students who arrive with their ID as well as food and a large inflatable.

“We asked them ‘Can college students play this?’” said Marksberry. “They said ‘I guess’ so we said that is the one we want.”

There will also be a contest to win a $2,000 truck by kicking a soccer ball into the truck bed.

Captain Luke Theimer ended the ‘Fan Education Night,’ confusingly shortened to FEN, with a reminder of how important the fans are to the Golden Eagles.

“You are on our team and we want your support,” said Theimer. “Put everything on the line for us and we’ll do the same for you.”

The game day festivities will begin at 1 p.m. and continue until 5 p.m., though the game against OBU will start at 2 p.m. on Alumni Field.

Soccer Songs and Chants

To the tune of “The Farmer and the Dell”
He’s Zari Prescod
He’s Zari Prescod
He’s faster than your fastest guy
He’s Zari Prescod (Hoo!)

He’s Daniel Forry
He’s Daniel Forry
He’s tiny but he runs real fast
He’s Daniel Forry (Hoo!)

He’s Captain Luke Theimer
He’s Captain Luke Theimer
He wears a scary see-through mask
He’s Captain Luke Theimer (Hoo!)

He’s JP Garcia
He’s JP Garcia
He shouts “MY BALL” and saves them all
He’s JP Garcia (Hoo!)

That was not a foul
That was not a foul
That was just how David plays
That was not a foul (Hoo!)

When OBU kicks the ball over the goal, to the tune of “Happy Birthday” (The “It is” takes the place of “Happy”)
It is just eight feet high
It is just eight feet high
You can shoot where you want BUUUT
It is just eight feet high