J. Alvin renovation plans seek residents’ feedback

John Brown University’s one men-only dorm is getting something decidingly unmanly and something decidingly overdue: A makeover.

Eric Gingerich, J. Alvin residence director, and Andre Broquard, dean of students, were on hand for the unveiling of preliminary plans to renovate J. Alvin Dorm on Monday night.

Architects presented plans and listened to residents’ feedback at a presentation in the J. Alvin atrium. The plans will renovate the 91-year old building in two phases, completely replacing 24 separate suites with seven pairs of suites connected by hallways.

The renovation, when completed, would create a dorm with a capacity of 200, less than the current amount. However, the completely all new rooms and bathrooms would have more square footage and all new furniture and plumbing.

The renovations would also bring the building up to code with two exits per suite and handicap accessible rooms and restrooms in six of the suites.
As of now, most of the renovations would affect the dorm rooms and there are no concrete plans to heavily change J. Alvin’s iconic atrium.

The process is in the planning stage and funding is still needed. If the plans are finalized after a couple more feedback sessions and funding is found, construction could begin after next year’s May term.

Over the summer and fall semester one wing of the building would be heavily renovated and the other wing would remain open. Then, the residents would move into the new wing after winter break while the second wing is renovated during spring semester and summer.

During the 2013-2014 school year displaced residents may be moved in part to the new apartments while J. Alvin’s capacity is temporarily reduced