Banish the breakups

Breakups are so awkward. Why is it that people cannot just move on? Why is it that the person that you are dating is the most amazing person while you date, but as soon as you breakup they are the devil? There are angry breakups, and there are sad breakups. Nothing really falls between. Someone is always upset in the end. Even if a couple ends on “good terms,” one person is more upset than the other.

Angry breakups are by far the worst. There are angry breakups that include one person and angry breakups where your ex invites all of his other friends to join in on the harassing and defaming statements and actions. Also, what is with ex’s trying to make you jealous? Being broken up means that the romance is gone, no matter how it ended.

Dude, leave him/her alone! Once it comes down to it, a couple has to choose whether to breakup or stay together forever anyway. Find someone who makes it all worthwhile. Find someone who you can argue with and know that you are just building your relationship. Do not dwell on your past. Yes, what does not kill you can make you stronger, but you have to turn the past experiences into lessons.

Learn from the ex that cheated. Do not be used for personal gain. The point of being in a relationship is to grow, and if only one person is growing, maybe you are just settling. The key is to evaluate. Know where your relationship is. Let the good times roll, but guard your heart.

There is such a thing as sitting back too much, and there is also such a thing as putting up too much of a wall. Do not settle, have fun, and learn to love. We are young. Work toward loving yourself, learn to love others, and your chances of getting heartbroken will be diminished.