Cloud print provides easy access to students on campus

As long as you have a wireless connection, you can use Cloudprint.

Earlier this fall, John Brown University added a new way to print papers wirelessly. Cloudprint allows anyone on campus with an Internet connection to wirelessly print their paper from their computer straight to any printer on campus.

“It’s very convenient if you’re an artist,” said Erika Forney, a photography major. “I don’t have to use a flash drive that I lose every week.”

In the past, many students faced the frustration of walking to a computer lab, logging into a computer, either plugging in a flash drive or emailing their document to themselves and then printing out the paper to the nearest printer.

The dorms, the honors house and the library are connected by Cloudprint to black ink printers. For black and color ink, the Art East, Walker Media Lab, the Media Lab, Engineering and CM buildings are available.

“It was easy and convenient.” said Hayley Robinson, who works in the Media Lab. She also said she appreciated no longer needing to email herself documents she created on her laptop to print them.

There are Cloudprint ads posted around campus explaining in four steps how to use Cloudprint. First, write your paper, then upload your paper from your laptop or tablet to the Cloud Print website. Next, choose where you want to pick up your paper, then release your paper from the queue of any of the printers in your chosen Printer Group.

The Cloudprint website is Login to the website with your JBU username and password, follow the instructions provided by the website, and pick up your paper from any printer by swiping your I.D. and clicking print.