Concurrent credits now available to grad hopefuls

The graduate and undergraduate programs are now working together to offer concurrent credit classes.

Concurrent credit classes give students both undergraduate and graduate credit. Though no formal program is yet in place, students interested in a master’s degree in business or counseling can get special approval for concurrent classes.

“If you take graduate coursework, it’s a great way to see if [graduate school] is something you want to do or not,” said Richard Froman, Chair of the humanities and social sciences division.

“We’ve already got a pretty good response to it.”

About a dozen students are already taking concurrent credit classes this semester. Undergraduate and graduate faculty are looking at more formal programs, but for now students can take up to 12 hours for both degrees with permission.

Richard Ellis, dean of the graduate school, said that the faculty is being very deliberate and careful to put together the best program they can.

“We don’t want to put a student in a position where they’ll be unsuccessful, and we don’t want to frustrate grad students by having class with students who are unprepared,” Ellis said. “Moving slowly is in the benefit of the students.”

In addition to putting a formal program in place, the University is considering expanding the program to include education majors as well.

Froman hopes that concurrent credit will bring the undergraduate and graduate programs together.

“It’s going to help our students and the school,” Froman said.

Despite still working through logistics, Ellis has high hopes for concurrent classes.

“JBU’s always been very forward-thinking, especially for a Christian college,” he said.