Seasons change

My first year at John Brown University was difficult. I struggled in my classes and hated my job. I was lonely, and the only place I could park was annoyingly far away.

This semester has been much different.

Last year, I felt out of place. Classes were difficult and I had trouble talking to my classmates. That changed with a switch in major.
English and Education weren’t right for me, but I think Communication is a much better fit.

To my surprise, Communication classes have been fun and easier to understand. It’s probably because the material interests me.

I also feel like I’m starting to fit in. Speaking with classmates is easier since I have more in common with them.

My job is better, too.

Last year, I was a cleaner for the Walton Lifetime Health Complex. I misunderstood what I was supposed to do and kept making mistakes. My supervisor described all the work I did as “inadequate.”

Now, I work in the Siloam Springs Public Library, where I shelve books. Thankfully, I had prior experience due to my time volunteering at the Bentonville Public Library. This makes work easy and enjoyable.

Parking is no longer a hassle either. Instead of having to cross campus to get to my car, the Mayfield parking lot is just a short walk away. It makes going off campus much easier.

The biggest change, however, is having a roommate. Last year, my roommate had to leave JBU early because of financial difficulties. That left me alone for most of the first semester and all of the second.

Now I have possibly the best roommate ever: Melanie Haynie. Her blue hair makes her stand out a little, but she isn’t weird at all. We like the same games and shows, and we even have similar senses of humor.

I didn’t think I’d love having a roommate this much. I thought it would be a pain, but that’s hardly the case. Now it’s hard to imagine having a room all to myself.

All in all, this seems like a year to look forward to.