Let women rule

If I’ve learned anything about the Bible, it’s that it’s not a hairy chested, chauvinistic, unromantic, book. If I were to paint a picture of the Bible (which, please, never make me do), it wouldn’t be a grizzly lumberjack cutting down trees whilst downing his sixth Coors Light and humming 2 Chainz’ “Birthday Song.” I don’t know. I just feel like that doesn’t capture the essence of the Word of God.

Then why does it seem like for centuries women have been confined to kitchens, nurseries and laundry rooms by men using the Bible as a reference? To think of all the progress that could have been made in the world by the minds of women, but that never happened, all because education was out of the question!

The Bible calls for servanthood from both men and women alike.

Gentlemen, we know who we are as leaders of the world, and of our homes. We know that we are to nurture our wives and be strong for our ladies, for our families and for ‘Murica.’ The Bible even calls us to be romantic, write our ladies poetry, cook her halfway decent pasta and make her feel like the princess she’s always wanted to be since she first watched “Aladdin.”

But often, we use Scripture to increase our power and not our humility. We seek verses that keep us instated as leaders and keep our women out of the picture until we get home. We say that’s their place Biblically when, in reality, all we’re doing is disgracing them.

What opened my eyes? Proverbs 31.

You see, the Proverbs 31 woman isn’t just a heels-wearing, child-bearing, sock-washing housewife. She’s a heels wearing, child bearing, sock washing wife that does absolutely everything she can excellently, and much more. A woman in the days of King Lemuel (from where these teachings come from) was kept outside of political and leadership circles most likely because she wasn’t permitted to receive the education a man was entitled to. But that didn’t mean she twiddled her thumbs. She bought land (v 16), extended charity to the poor (v 20) and even kept herself fit and strong (v 17).

That may have been the limit of what she could do in those times, but now the world is, for the most part, a woman’s oyster.
Women, free to open the oyster and take its pearls, now lead the world in political offices, business corporations, classrooms and so much more. And who are we to stop them? We can’t, and we shouldn’t.

So ladies: break barriers, tear down societal walls and change the world. Wear strength and dignity (v 25), decorate your language with wisdom and kindness (v 26), and live with the fear of God (v 30)

And gentlemen, if you’ve found your woman, honor her with praises. She’s worth more than diamonds, so treat her like a treasure trove. Trust her with your heart and love her mind, body and soul. And let the love of God guide you both.