Meyers-Briggs: Dorm edition

The Meyers-Briggs is used widely to determine personality traits. Businesses and schools use them to determine individuals’ strengths, while some people just take the test for fun. But what if we personified the various dorms on the campus of John Brown University and gave them the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator test? Here’s what the outcome might be:

J. Alvin: ESFP <em(extroverted, sensing, feeling, perceiving)

J. Alvin is the most outgoing of all the dorms on campus. When it is not getting pumped up for an event, it is creating events inside its walls. J. Alvin loves to be involved in anything and everything. When J. Alvin wants to do something, it does it. Decisions reflect how J. Alvin feels and when passionate about something, J. Alvin won’t back down. Spontaneous and optimistic, J. Alvin always brings the life to the party. And of course, as with ESFP personality types, J. Alvin is always the center of attention and doesn’t mind the spotlight.

Hutch: INTP
(introverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving)

The location of Hutch is not the aspect that makes this dorm introverted. Hutch tends to be very mysterious in comparison to the other dorms and simply keeps to itself. Hutch might keep to itself but is always working on something, especially mentally. As with INTP personalities, Hutch is hard to get to know well but once the surface is cracked you can see a whole new side. All it takes is a subject Hutch is interested in and immediately you can see their dedication and perseverance. Hutch, in the right situation, can show off its ability to solve problems with an adequate solution.

Mayfield: ESFJ
(extroverted, sensing, feeling, judging)

Mayfield might seem introverted at first, but get to know it and you’ll see that perception is completely wrong. Shy at first, Mayfield is still open to anyone and cares for everyone who walks through its doors. Mayfield loves to get to know people and welcomes anyone with open arms. As an ESFJ personality, Mayfield values its traditions greatly and is very loyal to keeping them. Community is an important subject to Mayfield, and Mayfield is always ready to help. When decisions come around, Mayfield trusts how it feels but also evaluates the situation carefully. Anyone who gets to know Mayfield will most likely gain a loving and loyal relationship.

Walker: ISTJ
(introverted, sensing, thinking, judging)

Walker, though in the center of campus, can be compared to Hutch’s introvert tendencies. Much has to do with all the accommodations Walker has. There’s no need to venture out to the outside world when most of the needs are inside. While Walker may trust its feelings for certain things, it would rather rely on logic and facts. Much like Hutch and Mayfield, Walker will evaluate situations before making a final decision. Others might mistake Walker for being prideful, but the truth is Walker is just confident in itself. Walker may not be the main dorm leader on campus, but during certain events, Walker knows when to step up and take control.